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U0.6 miles from Altar Bar ( 2 mins )
&13 mins on foot
6- Beth: "Overall we had a great stay. Having the hotel shuttle take us to where we wanted to go was great as it allowed us to not have to fight traffic and parking. The entire staff was great."
  • Omni William Penn Hotel
  • 530 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh | Area: Pittsburgh Downtown - University Center (Map) 
  • yyyyy
  • A Wonderful, 4.5 / 5 Based on 141 reviews
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U0.8 miles from Altar Bar
&17 mins on foot
6- Melody: "Roomy and clean room. Desk employees were friendly and informative."
  • Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel
  • 107 Sixth Street, Pittsburgh | Area: Pittsburgh Downtown - University Center (Map) 
  • yyyyy
  • A Wonderful, 4.5 / 5 Based on 148 reviews
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U1.1 miles from Altar Bar ( 5 mins )
6- David B: "The rooms were top notch and the people were excellent."
U1.4 miles from Altar Bar ( 5 mins )
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Pros: This was a trip my sister and I took. We flew down to watch the Red Sox play the Pirates. It was right across the street from the park! The Courtesy desk was unbelievably helpful. I couldn't say anything wrong with the wonderful people you have working there. Being from out of the state we knew nothing and they were fantastic. The shuttle bus was wonderfully useful also. The room looked like an apartment, not a hotel room. We had a wonderful trip. The price was cheaper than a room in Boston near Fenway Park.

Cons: Nothing.

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Altar Bar, Pittsburgh

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Altar Bar Reviews

This venue is ranked #6 of 9 rated venues in Pittsburgh


OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE: Very Good | 4 out of 5

from 4 reviews
75% Recommend


Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: Kyle, Zanesville

Great time. Great show. Great drinks.

Pros: Great atmosphere.

Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: Christopher T, Mullica Hill, NJ

The venue was the perfect size; it accommodated a fairly large (150+) crowd, yet it didn't feel claustrophobic at all. It felt intimate and relaxed and Betty Who was fabulous (of course).

Pros: Great space; set up well; great sound.

Disappointing | 2 out of 5

BY: Amy, Las Vegas

They oversold tickets. It's a very small church - probably capacity for 200. There were twice as many people packed in to it. The front stairway was packed with people standing you couldn't use it. Thank God there wasn't a fire. It was sooo hot people were collapsing. Absolutely the worst concert venue I have ever been too. Never again, I will see him in Vegas!

Pros: Hank sounded good.
Cons: Overcrowded and hot!

Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: Robert B, Portage

Overall I had a great time.

Pros: Great bands.
Cons: Couldn't see well.

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