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Hard Rock Cafe Louisville

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Hard Rock Cafe Louisville Reviews

This venue is ranked #14 of 16 rated venues in Louisville


OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE: Very Good | 4 out of 5

from 1 review
100% Recommend


Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: , Louisville, KY

I've been to many HRCs all over the country and this one was by far my favorite. I know that everyone's experiences can be different at the same place but with this staff, I would doubt it. Everyone was great, nice and friendly and awesome food. A special note to the Elvis impersonator - fantastic! A+ to him, don't change a thing. Will definitely come back. Only thing that kept this place from getting a 5 is that they had no day pickles. I've eaten at many different HRCs and they all had day pickles but they had never heard of them there. I know it's harsh but its my #2 reason for going to the HRC.

Pros: Great good; great atmosphere; great staff.
Cons: No day pickles! LOL

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Hard Rock Cafe Louisville Reviews

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