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Pros: We had a marvelous time staying at DT Union Station. All of the staff, from the check in desk to the restaurant were exceptional in helping us.

Cons: After returning from the concert, my roommate and I requested towels. After 1/2 hour, we once again requested towels as they had taken and not replaced ours. Though we had placed two separate calls, we did not receive any towels until the following morning, after my roommate hunted down a cleaning lady.

I couldn't have been more pleased with my stay at Doubletree Union Station! We were given a newly renovated room with a WONDERFUL view. My friend and I had a wonderful time and felt as though we were treated like royalty. For brunch we went to the restaurant located near the check in desk and left with aching ribs from all the laughter. The staff truly took care of us. I will, without a doubt, stay with Doubletree every chance I can. This truly was a visit to remember.

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Fubar Saint Louis

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Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: , Brighton
Tue, 4 December 2012

Pros: Love it.

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