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Saddle Rack Fremont

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Saddle Rack Fremont Reviews

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OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE: Excellent | 4.25 out of 5

from 3 reviews
100% Recommend


Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: , Fountain Valley

The Saddle Rack was a great way to spend my 21st birthday. The open dance floor was inviting for everyone, regardless of their dancing skills. The live band was great and I found it easy to make your way to the bar for drinks. There were plenty of stalls in the bathroom, so you didn't have to wait forever. Overall, great experience.

Pros: The live band and overall atmosphere was highly enjoyable. Fun people, comfortable environment, entertaining bull rides.
Cons: The $20 cover charge is a bit steep.

Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: , Chico

In general I had a very fun experience at the Saddlerack. Both live bands there were amazing and loved the concert feeling experience. The night I went was very overcrowded and I wasn't crazy about the cover charge prices but these were very minor things. I would come to this venue again.

Pros: Friendly atmosphere; love the live music and two big dancefloors.
Cons: Very crowded.

Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: , Oakland, CA
Mon, 6 August 2012

Definitely a great country atmosphere. Being from the east coast and a southern state, the most authentic country bars are hard to find here in California and Saddle Rack is a great place to hear some great country music. Live bands are always a plus.

Pros: Good service; great bartenders; music is great.
Cons: A bit overcrowded.

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Saddle Rack Fremont Reviews

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