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U2.2 miles from Jiffy Lube Live ( 7 mins )
6- Valerie: "Great, large, clean room. The train was a bit noisy, but they gave us earplugs and a heads up, so no surprise there."
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U14.1 miles from Jiffy Lube Live ( 18 mins )
6- Lauren P: "Good location; great free breakfast; love that it is very close to some restaurants"
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U3.8 miles from Jiffy Lube Live ( 8 mins )
6- Jennifer V: "The hotel is very nice; very clean; the staff is super friendly and helpful. It was a great stay!"
  • Hyatt Fairfax At Fair Lakes
  • 12777 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax | Area: Washington Dulles International (IAD) (Map) 
  • yyyyy
  • A Good, 3.95 / 5 Based on 142 reviews
U15.6 miles from Jiffy Lube Live ( 20 mins )
6- Jennifer: "Room was beautiful. Bed was super comfy. Staff very friendly. Food at the bar was delish!"
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Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow

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Jiffy Lube Live Reviews

This venue is ranked #1 of 1 rated venue in Gainesville


OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE: Good | 3.5 out of 5

from 9 reviews
44% Recommend


Pleasant | 3 out of 5

BY: , Shrewsbury, PA
Tue, 1 July 2014

I was very surprised how easy it was to get into the facility and park - however, leaving is just the opposite. For past shows, it took a long time (1hour+) to get parked - this time 15 minutes. Leaving was about a 1hour wait to leave the facility. There is very little direction - more of a free for all in the parking lot. The show was great, really enjoyed Zac Brown.

Pros: Getting in the facility was easier than anticipated.
Cons: Intoxicated people that kept getting served.

Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: , Waynesboro
Tue, 17 September 2013

Always love seeing shows at Jiffy Lube Live.

Pros: Excellent venue and parking lot party.
Cons: Prices of food and beer.

Pleasant | 3 out of 5

BY: , Marydel
Mon, 15 October 2012

My 12 year old daughter and I went to see Zac Brown Band on October 12, 2012. Getting to the venue and trying to park was the worst experience I have ever had at any venue anywhere, including sports events. It took almost a full hour to go 5 miles, and then we were instructed to park in Lot F, which is very far from the venue itself. The police who were there to "help" move traffic along did nothing to expedite the process. There were hundreds of people who were late to the concert because of the delay caused by parking the cars. I had purchased Pit Passes, which were incredible seats. We were right next to the stage for the entire concert. The problem we ran into was the number of highly intoxicated persons at the event! And the venue kept serving them - even those who were visibly intoxicated. Security did escort several females that could barely walk out of the venue, but not until they spilled beer all over people around them and fell on the ground. Overall, the concert itself was fantastic and we did have a great time. I am not sure I will ever return to this venue or not.

Pros: Sound quality; the pit area.
Cons: Traffic getting to the venue, parking and intoxicated patrons.

Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: , New Windsor
Tue, 11 September 2012

Pros: Great concert venue - clean and staff was very helpful.

Pleasant | 3 out of 5

BY: , Baltimore
Tue, 28 August 2012

We had a complaint of a group in front of us who were acting very inappropriately - even texted the seat number to the number listed for complaints and nothing was done. It's a shame how too much alcohol can ruin it for everyone else! These outdoor show always bring out the drunks - need to be controlled, what are the security there for?

Pros: Brad Paisley and all performers were excellent.
Cons: Too many drunks.

Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: , Picton, ON
Thu, 26 July 2012

Expected long delay exiting, but was out in 15 minutes. Really like this venue.

Pros: Great sound where we were.
Cons: No vendors outside gates.

Pleasant | 3 out of 5

BY: , Greencastle PA
Tue, 24 July 2012

I've been going here many many years, usually 4 or 5 shows a summer. Getting out of the parking lot is a nightmare. A very nice pavilion to see your favorite bands!

Pros: Nice layout of vendors around concert area.
Cons: Ridiculous prices and no alcohol allowed in parking lot.

Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: , Martinsburg
Mon, 23 July 2012

Jiffy Lube is the easiest venue that we have encountered. Anything you want is not far from your seats.

Pros: Easy to find what you want.
Cons: Cones confusing when leaving the pavilion.

Disappointing | 2 out of 5

BY: , Churchton
Wed, 20 July 2011

Traffic is horrible getting in and out of this place. They'll get you in but when its time to leave there are no parkers is site so it becomes a free for all. You can spend up to 2 hours just trying to leave the parking lot. Biggest complaint. Also they no longer allow tailgating so they've taken the fun out of anticipating a good show. Too many rules!!!

Pros: Good artists perform here
Cons: Traffic nightmare getting in and out.

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