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What song makes you dust off your air guitar and rock out like there is no tomorrow?

Posted by ConcertHotels on Fri, 14 May 2021

There are so many great things about playing air guitar.... • Tone deaf? not a problem - no musical talent required. • You don't need to be able to sight read music. • No need...

Covers that are better than the original

Posted by ConcertHotels on Wed, 5 May 2021

When you think of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", who springs to mind? Guns 'N Roses or Bob Dylan? Whitney Houston's monumental version of "I Will Always Love You" or Dolly Parton's simple,...

Ruin A Band By Changing One Letter

Posted by ConcertHotels on Tue, 27 April 2021

In 2020, a viral challenge swept social media, resulting in some famous bands having their names hilariously changed. One simple rule : Change one letter of the name to ruin the band. Check out...

Social Distancing Playlist

Posted by ConcertHotels on Mon, 6 April 2020

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has been widely adopted in many countries. But while you're allowed to get put for a short walk every day, perhaps listening to this set list...

SPOILER ALERT! Messed Up Musicians Quiz Answers

Posted by ConcertHotels on Wed, 25 March 2020

Did you end up here by mistake? If you were actually intending to play our Messed Up Musicians Quiz and not look at the answers, go play it here. But, if you have already played it, and want to...

The drummer always gets overlooked.

Posted by ConcertHotels on Fri, 19 June 2015

Pick a band. Any band. We bet you can name the frontman. You can probably name the guitarist. But can you name the person who sits at the back? The one with the sticks. That's the real question...

Music Quizzes Pre-Y2K: A Wonderful Misuse of Excel

Posted by ConcertHotels on Thu, 22 August 2013

Remember way back when the internet was accessible only via the dog whistle screech of your dial up modem? The internet was a brave new world; albeit a decidedly slow and slightly crappy one. But...

SPOILER ALERT! Minimal Music Quiz Answers

Posted by ConcertHotels

Did you end up here by mistake? Were you actually looking to play our Minimal Music Quiz? You were? Go play it here. So we're guessing this means that the rest of you actually want the answers?...

Which Countries Got Rhythm?

Posted by ConcertHotels

Back in 2015 we created a game called "Got Rhythm?". You remember, the game where we asked people to tap out a simple beat using a keyboard, mouse, or by tapping the screen of their mobile device. ...