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SPOILER ALERT! Messed Up Musicians Quiz Answers

Posted by ConcertHotels on Wed, 25 March 2020

Did you end up here by mistake? If you were actually intending to play our Messed Up Musicians Quiz and not look at the answers, go play it here.

But, if you have already played it, and want to check the answers, then here you go!

Ozzy Osbourne (original image)

Anthony Kiedis (original image)

Kurt Cobain (original image)

Britney Spears (original image)

David Bowie (original image)

Amy Winehouse (original image)

Keith Urban (original image)

Johnny Cash (original image)

Courtney Love (original image)

Elton John (original image)

Iggy Pop (original image)

Steven Tyler (original image)

Eric Clapton (original image)

Michael Jackson (source, CC BY-SA 3.0, File: Michael Jackson 1992.jpg By Casta03 - Own work)

Jimi Hendrix (original image)

George Michael (original image)

Whitney Houston (original image)

Demi Lovato (original image)
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