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What song makes you dust off your air guitar and rock out like there is no tomorrow?

Posted by ConcertHotels on Fri, 14 May 2021

There are so many great things about playing air guitar....

• Tone deaf? not a problem - no musical talent required.

• You don't need to be able to sight read music.

• No need to tune your axe - you don't need an instrument at all!

• It burns calories.

• It "can" be highly entertaining to watch, when an air guitar is placed into the correct hands.

But if you want to truly transport yourself into the boots of your favourite guitar legend, it is a hobby you have to take seriously.

If you really want to play like the legends, practice your timing, play songs you enjoy and know well, and learn some of your hero's signature moves, such as the windmill, duck walk, or spasm.

Most importantly, have fun and rock out.

Name a song that makes you pick up your air guitar and rock out!
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