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Music Quizzes Pre-Y2K: A Wonderful Misuse of Excel

Posted by ConcertHotels on Thu, 22 August 2013

Remember way back when the internet was accessible only via the dog whistle screech of your dial up modem? The internet was a brave new world; albeit a decidedly slow and slightly crappy one.

But nevertheless we still found ways to have fun.

Our favourite way to waste our employer's time lunch hour? Music quizzes.

Made in Excel. Yes you read that right. Excel. That spreadsheet thing. Who knew that could be fun?

Don't believe us? Check out this beauty below:

See where it says 'Email' in the top right hand corner?

Because this was long before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter (and wherever else the cool kids are spending their social media time these days) that's the way these wondrous (and often baffling) tests of our musical knowledge were passed around.

Fast forward to today and we still love a quiz. So much so we thought we'd take a swing at making one. We like to think ours is a little slicker than the Excel quizzes of yesteryear, but the game's the same. We've created 20 illustrated posters in a minimalist style. All you need to do is correctly identify the song title and the artist.

Wanna play? Click the image below to launch.

Enjoy? ☺

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Niall Quinn

April 11, 2014

Cracking Quiz


Henry Winter

January 11, 2014

Top Quiz, Love it me


Emma K

September 27, 2013

31/40 but I did that cheating?? ;)



August 30, 2013

Ahhh, this is so much fun but sooo frustrating! I'm only on 26/40 so far, but I'll get there... eventually! :)