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6- Latonya: "Very pleasant; clean; friendly staff; breakfast was fresh and good!"
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Pros: Clean, soft beds without nasty bedspreads or comforters. Granite countertop in bathroom.

Cons: Wet wash cloth left behind on nightstand by cleaning crew. I phoned the desk and they came and got it pronto.

Nice friendly staff, wonderful breakfast saved us from spending another $25 or $30. This is the second Holiday Inn Express we have stayed at in the last 3 months. Excellent price and service. Germantown was a great area with everything you needed. Beautiful place.

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Agricenter Show Place Arena, Memphis

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Agricenter Show Place Arena Reviews

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OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE: Very Good | 4 out of 5

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Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: , Burns
Mon, 1 July 2013

Nice large arena with big fans made a hot day very nice. Bleachers with backs on them were appreciated. Lots of good vendors for food and shopping. Great parking. Had a great time!

Pros: Large arena; nice stalls for horses; great vendors.
Cons: Bathrooms very clean early in the day but not maintained throughout the day.

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