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What happens when Artists Collide

Posted by ConcertHotels on Wed, 5 March 2014

Artists love to collaborate. However, some are bizarre, awkward, and embarrassing for all involved.

Check out this little gem - T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) a collaboration from, Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger. Yes, you read that right. Those 3 artists decided to collaborate. No, we're not sure why either.

This charming little ditty boasts many a sophisticated lyric - "Hard like Geometry, and Trigonometry" (deep, huh?), multiple references to excrement and a heart-felt line about morning glory.

Fortunately not all artist collaborations come out this badly. Some are awesome.

Some are a product of artists actually wanting to work together, some of course are cold and calculated marketing plays by the record labels.

Here at Concert Hotels we decided to dig into arguably the most collaborative of genres, dance. We started with just three artists - Sampha, Jessie Ware and SBTRKT. Then we looked at who else they'd collaborated with and explored the evolution process as further collaborations took place. Finally we threw all of our artists and their collaborations into the LastFM musical blender to select the best collaborations based on popularity.

The result? See how Disclosure and John Legend are connected and listen to some of the best collaborations along the way.

Click the image below to explore the connections for yourself, and listen to solo tracks and collaborations.

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Lucas Dyhrkopp

November 4, 2014

Awesome flow chart, found some really good music, just one thing that bothered me was giving drale and rihanna credit for take care, now i'm a big drake fan and i loved that album but they essentially stole that song from gil scott heron and made edits and editions to it. saying it was their work together was just a bit unfitting. Great overall though, i really enjoyed this.