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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the live music scene like in Austin?

Austin, Texas is known for its vibrant live music scene, which has earned it the nickname 'Live Music Capital of the World.' There are many venues throughout the city that showcase local and national acts, covering a wide range of genres, including rock, country, blues, jazz, and more.

Some of the most famous venues include the Continental Club, Antone's, The Mohawk, Stubb's BBQ, and the Cactus Cafe. In addition to these established venues, there are also many festivals and events throughout the year that feature live music, such as South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin City Limits Music Festival, and the Texas Book Festival.

Austin also has a strong community of musicians, many of whom live in the city or have come to perform there. This has led to a rich musical culture and a supportive environment for up-and-coming artists. Overall, the live music scene in Austin is vibrant, diverse, and always changing, making it an exciting place for music lovers to explore.


What are the top venues for music in Austin?

Austin, Texas has a long history of being a music mecca, and there are many top venues throughout the city that cater to a wide variety of musical genres and styles. Here are some of the most popular music venues in Austin:

The Continental Club: This legendary club on South Congress Avenue has been around since the 1950s and is known for its nightly live music shows, ranging from blues and rock to country and jazz.

Stubb's BBQ: A popular restaurant and music venue that hosts both indoor and outdoor shows, featuring both local and national acts across a variety of genres.

ACL Live at The Moody Theater: This modern theater in downtown Austin is the home of the popular TV show, Austin City Limits, and hosts concerts from a range of popular artists.

Antone's: A blues club that has been an Austin institution since the 1970s, hosting blues and jazz acts from all over the world.

The Mohawk: A popular indoor/outdoor venue in downtown Austin that showcases indie rock, punk, and electronic acts.

C-Boy's Heart & Soul: A popular bar and music venue located in South Austin that features soul, blues, and jazz acts.

The Parish: This small venue in downtown Austin has a reputation for booking emerging artists in a variety of genres, from indie rock to hip hop.

These are just a few of the many great music venues in Austin. The city has a rich and diverse musical culture, and there is always a great show to be found somewhere in town.


What are the transport links and parking like in Austin?

Transport links and parking in Austin for concert-goers can vary depending on the venue and the time of day. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning transportation and parking for concerts in Austin:

Public Transit: Capital Metro, Austin's public transit system, is a great option for getting to and from concerts, especially if the venue is located near a bus or train route. Capital Metro also operates a special event service, MetroRapid, which offers direct service to some concert venues during major events. Check the Capital Metro website for schedules and routes.

Ride-Sharing Services: Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in Austin and can be a convenient option for getting to and from concerts. However, during peak times and major events, surge pricing may apply, so be aware of this when planning transportation.

Biking: Austin has a number of bike lanes and trails, making it a bike-friendly city. If the venue is located within biking distance, renting a bike through a service like Austin B-cycle or LimeBike can be a fun and eco-friendly way to get there.

Driving: If you choose to drive to a concert, be aware that parking can be limited and prices can be high, especially in downtown Austin. Some venues offer parking garages or lots, but these can fill up quickly, so it's best to arrive early or consider carpooling with friends.

Overall, transportation and parking options in Austin for concert-goers are generally good, but it's important to plan ahead and be aware of potential traffic and parking challenges during peak times and major events.