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U3.5 miles from Mill Street Brews ( 9 mins )
6- Jane B: "Nice staff. Good price for the quality. Better than expected."
U15.0 miles from Mill Street Brews ( 25 mins )
6Featured Review- Daniel J. S: "We really enjoyed the stay at the hotel. The room was clean and very comfortable." (show more)

Pros: Most definitely

We really enjoyed the stay at the hotel. The room was clean and very comfortable. I wish I would have looked into all that the hotel offered prior to staying. I would have liked to have used the spa. We slept to 10:00 am and missed the breakfast, which smelled very good. But overall we enjoyed our stay and we liked how close the hotel was to Indian Ranch.

U4.6 miles from Mill Street Brews ( 11 mins )
6Featured Review (show more)

Pros: Very positive.

I stayed at this Quality Inn for the 2nd time and I have to say it was great! I always try to make it a point to stay at Quality Inns because I have always been pleased. Very clean, friendly staff which includes the girls that clean the rooms. The breakfast is also perfect - fresh coffee and a healthy choice to pick from. I also sleep very well. Most of all it is aways quiet. I will keep going back. There is a nice choice of restaurants in the area, especially the Publick House - gotta try it. I usually sleep in town when there is entertainment going on at the Mill Street Brews.

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U21.5 miles from Mill Street Brews ( 31 mins )
6Featured Review- Robyn: "Great service and clean, spacious rooms." (show more)

Pros: Complimentary shuttle bus and coffee.

Cons: No free breakfast or parking.

Great service and clean, spacious rooms. A complimentary breakfast or free parking would have been a bonus but I suppose I should be grateful for free wifi. The shuttle bus was certainly a nice perk, as were the free M&M cookies and coffee in the lobby.

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Mill Street Brews, Southbridge

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Mill Street Brews Reviews

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OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE: Exceptional | 5 out of 5

from 2 reviews
100% Recommend


Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: , Warren MA
Mon, 27 February 2012

Music is awesome; good people; really fun time!

Pros: Great Venue

Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: , Southbridge
Fri, 4 March 2011

venue was great. staff was great. felt good with my greeting on the way in. thanks.

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Mill Street Brews Reviews

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